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19-673 Activity Consent and Parental Approval Form .PDF  
  Activity Planning Guide District/Council    
34403 Advancement Report .PDF  
  Advancement Guidelines (District) .DOC  
  BSA Lifeguard Application .PDF  
  Camp Staff Application - 2018 .PDF .doc
  Camp Hiring Pratices & Procedures .DOC  
  Camp Roster (Wiley) .DOC  
33696 Campfire Program Planner .PDF  
34169-53 Cubmaster's Key Progress Record .PDF  
3847 Cub Scout - Den Advancement Report .PDF  
3827 Cub Scout - Individual Record and Advancement Record .PDF  
33826 Cub Scout Den Meeting Program .PDF  
33828 Cub Scout Record Form .PDF  
  Den Chief Application .PDF  
34169-51 Den Leader Training Award Progress Record .PDF  
  Den Recognition Report .PDF  
33720 District Award of Merit Nomination  
34169-62 District and Assistant District Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award  
34169-64 District Committee Key Progress Record .PDF  
  Eagle Scout - Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Award Merit Badges .PDF  
  Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook   .HTML
58-728 Eagle Scout Rank Application .PDF  
  Eagle Scouts - Eagle Checklist (Council) .PDF  
  Eagle Scout/NESA credentials (Duplicate Order Form) .PDF  
  Eagle Scout/NESA (LOCAL) Chapter Membership Application .DOC  
19-602 Emergency Preparedness Award Application .PDF  
18-390 Every Boy Deserves a Trained Leader (BS & Varsity)   .HTML
34118 First Class Tracking Sheet .PDF  
23-673 Flying - Parent/Guardian Consent form for BSA Aviation Flights .PDF  
23-672 Flying Permit Application .PDF  
  Historic Trails Award Application .PDF  
34518 Individual Boy Scout Record .PDF  
  Insurance Outline (Brief)    
  Insurance - Certificate of Insurance Request Form    
  International Camp Staff Program   .HTML
  International Letter of Introduction Application .PDF  
  Journey To Excellence FAQ .PDF  
  Journey To Excellence Award Order Form .PDF  
21-377 Keep America Beautiful Inc. Hometown U.S.A.   .HTML
21-105 Leave No Trace   .HTML
  Lifesaving/Heroism Award Application .PDF  
  Medical - Annual BSA Health and Medical Record Form   .HTML
  Meeting Place Inspection Form .PDF  
  Membership Campaign Guidebook .DOC  
  Merit Badge Counselor Application .PDF  
34124 Merit Badge Application (Blue Cards) .PDF  
  Merit Badge (Worksheet for Building a Merit Badge Counselor List) .PDF  
  National Eagle Scout Association Application .PDF  
  National Eagle Scout Association Membership Application .PDF  
  National Eagle Scout Association Scholarship Application   .HTML
33748 National Summertime Pack Award .PDF  
524-402 New Unit Application .PDF  
  On My Honor Training Report .PDF  
  Parent/Guardian Consent Form for participation in a Council-Operated Camp or Activity .PDF  
  Parent/Guardian Consent Form for a Unit Activity, Camp or Outing .DOC  
  Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Annual Scouting Program .DOC  
  Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Climbing/Rappelling Activites .PDF  
  Parent/Guardian Consent Form for Camp, Youth Release to Authorized Person .PDF  
18-075 Passport to High Adventure Training   .HTML
18-800 Patrol Method   .HTML
  Penguin Club Award Application .PDF  
34169-55 Progress Record for the Boy Scout Leader's Training Award .PDF  
34169-51 Progress Record for the Cub Scout Den Leader Award .PDF  
34169-54 Progress Record for the Cub Scouter Award .PDF  
34169-53 Progress Record for the Cubmaster Award .PDF  
34169-64 Progress Record for the District Committee Key .PDF  
34169-50 Progress Record for the Tiger Cub Den Leader Award .PDF  
34169-52 Progress Record for the Webelos Den Leader Award .PDF  
25-403 Quartermaster Award Application .PDF   
  Recruitment Flyer Request Form .DOC  
  Request for Authorization to Purchase    
34169-61 Roundtable/Huddle Commissioner Progress Record for the Arrowhead Honor/Commissioner Key .PDF  
34169-60 Roundtable/Huddle Staff Progress Record for the Scouter's Training Award .PDF  
18-202 Scouting's Adventures for Older Boy Scouts   .HTML
  Scoutmaster Award of Merit Nomination .PDF  
34169-56 Scoutmaster's Key Progress Record .PDF  
34169-55 Scouter's Training Award for Boy Scouting Progress Record .PDF  
34169-54 Scouter's Training Award for Cub Scouting Progress Record .PDF  
  Silver Beaver Nomination (Updated 2016)


  Sheriff's Rodeo Unit Roster .DOC  
  Staff Aplication NYLT/FOXFIRE .PDF  

Super Nova Awards Mentor Form

Suspected Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

  Talent/Photo Release Form .DOC  
21-117 Teaching Leave No Trace   .HTML
  Tiger Cub Den Meeting Program .PDF  
  Tiger Cub Den Record .PDF  
  Tiger Cub Attendance & Dues .PDF  
  Tiger Cub Den Advancement Report .PDF  
  Tiger Cub (Individual Record) .PDF  
  Troop Meeting Plan .PDF  
  Troop Meeting Plan - Camping Model .PDF  
18-706 Troop Open House   .HTML
4437A Troop Resource Survey .PDF  
34283 Uniform Inspection Sheet - Boy Scout/Varsity Scout .PDF  
34282 Uniform Inspection Sheet - Tiger Cub/Cub Scout/Webelos Scout .PDF  

Uniform Inspection Sheet - Scout Leader

Unit Risk Management Guide



  Unit Tax Exempt Status of and Contributions to Units Policy    
  Unit Account Restrictions .PDF  
34169-63 Unit Commissioner Progress Record for the Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award .PDF  
  Unit Money-Earning Application .PDF  
34169-58 Varsity Scout Leader Letter Scorecard .PDF  
34169-57 Varsity Scout Leader Progress for the Coach's Key and Varsity Scout Leader Training Award .PDF  
  Venturing Advisor Award of Merit Nomination .PDF  
34169-59 Venturing Leader Progress Record .PDF  
  Veteran Membership Status Application .PDF  
33852 Webelos Den Meeting Program .PDF  

Webelos Transition

  Website Guidelines for Council .PDF  
  Website Advice For Units .DOC  
  Whistleblower Policy .PDF  
  William T. Hornaday Award   .HTML
  Wood Badge Pocket Card .PDF  
  World Conservation Award (Cub) .PDF  
  World Conservation Award (Boy) .PDF  
  World Conservation Award (Venturing) .PDF  
28-209 Youth Member Application - English .PDF  
28-210 Youth Member Application - Spanish .PDF  


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