Merit Badge Clinic

Merit Badge Clinic
455 S. Compadre Rd
Palm Springs, CA 92262, US
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As promised, here is the list of Merit 
Badge classes confirmed at this time: 
  • Citizenship in the Community (All day) 
  • Citizenship in the Nation (AM)
  • Citizenship in the World (PM) 
  • Collection’s (AM) 
  • Communication (AM)
  • Emergency preparedness (10 Scouts only; must 
  • have completed the first aid merit badge)
  • Family life (sign off only, must do workbookbefore clinic) 
  • First Aid (15 Scouts only)
  • Personal Management (All day) 
  • Scouting Heritage
Check-in at St. Teresa’s is 8:am, Nov. 10th; 
classes are from 9 to 4.  You may purchase lunch 
at our Snack Shack.
So far there are only 10 Merit Badges being 
offered. We need our talented adults to step 
forward to bring new excitement to the MB 
Workshop. If you have some kind of hobby, or 
other favorite pursuit, there is probably a Merit 
Badge that is closely related to it. It is not too late 
to volunteer to be a Merit Badge Counselor. 
               We need you! 
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Tucker Adams, Sunrise District Director

PO Box 8910, Redlands, CA 92375

Office: 909-793-2463 ext 102



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