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August 7th, 2017 







Camp Emerson Evening Assembly 




Post Your Colors!


Did you know that Scouts performed 15.4 million hours of community service in 2016?

That's a staggering $363.5 million value! And it's impossible to measure the long-term effects, especially as each Scout learns how good it feels to help others.

As an Eagle Scout, you know plenty about serving the community! Close to 33,000 people across the country have already put their Scouting spirit on display during the Post Your Colors event. Post Your Colors today, then use our simple sharing tools to let friends and family know how your journey to Eagle Scout helped you learn to serve others.

Together, we can grow our Scouting family and create tomorrow's leaders!

To jump-start your sharing (and help your chances in the prize competition), download our Social Media Toolkit full of easy tips and customizable messages. Let's spread the word about Scouting together!

Yours in Scouting,

Frank Tsuru
Frank Tsuru
President, National Eagle Scout Association



WR Area 4 Training Events Calendar for August 2018


Scouters: Please find attached a pdf copy of WR Area 4 Selected Training Events Calendar for August 2017. If you have any future events that you would like listed in the upcoming calendars, please forward the details to my attention..

 Lyle Mills, Chairman
Western Region, Area 4
Training Committee



Special Needs Games Day


My office is proud to co-sponsor Eastvale's Cub Scout Pack 2017 Special Needs Games Day. Eastvale's Cub Scouts have worked hard to organize a memorable day for our special needs heroes, complete with a barbecue cookout and several fun activities!

Best of all, the event is free to children with special needs and registered families. I encourage you to contact my District Office at (951) 371-6860 to confirm your participation!

Special Needs Games Day
Saturday, August 12
Harada Park
13099 65th Street
Eastvale, CA 92880

Check-in: 8 a.m.
Games: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Activities Include:

  • Obstacle courses
  • Bean bag toss
  • Three-legged races and more!


Sabrina Cervantes
Assemblymember, 60th District 



Here's How To Earn The BSA 2017 Solar Eclipse Patch On Aug. 21st 


A total solar eclipse is a rare event. A total solar eclipse whose path crosses right over the heart of the United States? Even rarer.

On Aug. 21, 2017, the solar system serves up a special treat. Aug. 21 is a Monday, but those Scouts and Venturers who are still on summer break should plan a big celebration. Like all the best celebrations, this one comes with its own patch.

There won’t be another total solar eclipse over the United States until 2024. After that, you must wait until 2045. In other words, when Aug. 21 arrives, make sure you’re ready.

How to earn the BSA 2017 Solar Eclipse patch

  1. Locate a site suitable for viewing the eclipse. Search Google for “eclipse viewing” and the name of your city or town to find events near you.
  2. Describe how to safely view the eclipse.
    • Never look directly at the sun. Instead, look directly at these tips from NASA on how to view the eclipse safely.
  3. Discuss with your group what you saw and felt during the eclipse.
    • Post your comments and eclipse photos on social media using the hashtag #BSAEclipse2017.
  4. Do the following:
    • Cub Scouts: Discuss what a solar eclipse is with your leaders.
    • Boy Scouts and Varsity Scouts: Draw a diagram of the positions of the moon, earth, and sun to show how the solar eclipse occurs.
    • Venturers: Research Sir Arthur Stanley Eddington’s 1919 experiment and discuss how it confirmed Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
  5. Ask your unit leader to buy the 2017 Solar Eclipse patch.
    • You’ll find it at your local council service center.

More ideas

Find more ways to make the most of this STEM-heavy celestial event at scouting.org/eclipse2017.

Also, come into the California Inland Empire Redlands Scout Shop and save up to 60% off on camp items.

October 7th, 2017 during our Family Camping Event, the Redlands Scout Shop will be offering 20% off all camping gear when you spend $100 or more. Come join us for some fun activities and keep in mind that you can save an additional 25% off switchback pants, or shorts when you purchase a cub scout uniform, this includes the Lions. This offer is valid 8/1/17-10/31/17. 





2019 Lottery Registration
With summer 2017 wrapping up, we invite you to join us in gearing up for the 2019 lottery which will kick off on October 25, 2017.  Click the banner below to learn about requesting free promotional handouts to help you recruit crew members.

2018 Availability
If you're interested in a 2018 slot, be sure to bookmark our availability page. This updates automatically and always shows the latest list of available crew slots.

Check 12 & 7-Day Trek Availability

Philmont Advisor Skill School (PASS)

The Philmont Advisor Skills School (PASS) and Philmont Advisor Workshop (PAW) programs are designed to better prepare adult advisors to confidently lead their crew in preparing for a Philmont trek. Check out our PASS map to attend a PASS program near you or register for one of the PASS programs at Philmont this fall.

PASS Program Information





If you know a boy that is of scout age (11-18) please consider putting him a BSA troop. I have to share this story that happened at Scout camp this past week. Every year parents are encouraged to write a letter for each day of the week to their son for them to open at camp each night. Out of 11 boys in our troop that went one parent forgot to write those letters, so at first the troop leaders that attended tried to pass them out when that one scout was not around so as not to hurt his feelings. Eventually though that just was not feasible. So, the boy ended up noticing, night after night, that everybody got a letter (and sometimes a dollar or two slipped in with it) but him. The last night of camp came and as the letters were being distributed this scout started to tear up, just knowing he wasn't going to get a letter. Then all of a sudden he got 2! One from the scout master, and the other from all the boys in the troop! The boys felt so bad for him that they decided to all get together and write him a note (and stick it in one envelope). You can teach your boys math, science and English, but you just cannot teach a good heart, that has to be shown by example, or maybe they are just born with it? I am so proud of all our boys! I am touched beyond belief!

Here is the boy scout promise:On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Here is the Boy Scout Law:A Scout is:
and Reverent.

Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared!
Boy Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily!
The Outdoor code: As an American, I will do my best to -
Be clean in my outdoor manners
Be careful with fire
Be considerate in the outdoors, and
Be conservation minded.

NOW, who wouldn't want the boys to follow the above concepts?



Camp Pictures




P.R.A.Y Biannual Report-Western Region


From         John Fenoglio, Western Region P.R.A.Y. Board Representative

Subject:    P.R.A.Y. Biannual Report – Western Region

P.R.A.Y. CEO, Jason Noland, announced that P.R.A.Y. has posted its biannual report showing the number of Protestant religious emblems earned by each council for the first half of 2017.  Congratulations to the 4 councils listed below in the Western Region that have already exceeded what they did in 2016 by ten or more recipients.  Visit the P.R.A.Y. website to see a complete listing of all councils.

Council Name

Jan-Jun 2017



Grand Canyon




California Inland Empire








Western Colorado




As a heads-up, P.R.A.Y. recently sent out Quarterly Reports listing the names and addresses of Scouts (and their churches) for the various awards handled by the P.R.A.Y. office.  Do you know who the P.R.A.Y. contact is for your council?  You can contact the P.R.A.Y. office at (314) 845-3318 to see who is listed as the contact(s) for your council.

Here are some sample ideas to promote religious emblems:

-Recruit Religious Emblems Coordinators (REC’s)

-Purchase a display set of medals  (Note: P.R.A.Y. does not handle all of the religious awards)

-Sign up to receive P.R.A.Y. updates

-Encourage staff to explore P.R.A.Y.’s Boy Scout page

-Contact Jason Noland, P.R.A.Y. CEO

As a member of the P.R.A.Y. Board of Directors, I would encourage you to reach out to P.R.A.Y.  I believe that building strong ties with the faith community is important to our mission.  Jason will offer support to your staff and explore potential collaboration and training opportunities.


Making Scouting Accessible for Families



As one of America’s leading youth-serving organizations, we aim to bring the benefits of Scouting to the greatest number of youth possible — all while remaining true to our mission and core values, outlined in the Scout Oath and Law.

As we think about the future, we are interested in gaining your perspective as a member of the Scouting community. Please join us for a discussion on the following dates as we continue the important conversation about how to make Scouting more accessible to today’s families:

Date & Time


Tuesday, August 8  •  from 6:30-8:00 PM

First United Methodist Church of Upland: 
262 N. Euclid Avenue, Upland CA, 91786

Saturday, August 12  •  from 2:00-3:30 PM

Jack Dembo Scout Center: 
1230 Indiana Court, Redlands CA, 92375

I look forward to speaking with you.  Please email me directly if you have any questions.

Thank you for everything you do to make Scouting a pivotal part of our community.

Yours in Scouting,

Ricci Dula | Assistant Scout Executive/COO

Boy Scouts of America
P.O. Box 8910  
|  1230 Indiana Court 
Redlands, CA 92375-2110
P 909.793.2463 ext 118  |  F 909.793.0306



Golf Tournament


There is still time to  register for our 9th Annual Golf Classic being held on Friday, August 18, 2017 at Los Serranos Country Club in Chino Hills, CA.  This promises to be a great tournament and we hope that you will be a part of the fun.

Please register today!  The tournament will begin with check-in and Continental Breakfast at 6:30 am and all the details are included in the enclosed registration form. 

Should you need additional information or if you have any questions, please contact Erika Haro at (559) 393-5667 or via e-mail at erika.haro@scouting.org or Soul Ruiz at (559) 593-2589 or via e-mail at soul.ruiz@scouting.org.

To download registration form: www.bsa-ciec.org/GolfTournament2017

See you on the greens!


Primitive Camping & Good Turn Weekend


Service to Camp Helendade is open to all Friends of Helendade, Scouts, Troops, Teams and Crews

There are many work projects that need to be done. Letters will be given to youth who need service hours for school, church, or rank advancement.

COME PREPARED TO WORK: Bring gloves and wear old clothes! Projects will vary based on weather and available resources. If you have a special skill or tool that would be helpful at camp, please let us know.

BRING your own Food and Water: All trash must be taken with you when you leave. A Porta-potty is on site.

2017 DATES:  Aug. 12, Sep. 9, Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9

Please plan to arrive by 9:00 A.M. on Saturday.

CAMPING COST: $5 per person to camp ONLY (FREE if working on Saturday).


QUESTIONS? Contact Cynthia Blessum, Camping and Outdoor Program Chair, at blessumcr@pacbell.net or 714.612.1662

Work days may be canceled due to inclement weather – please call for status prior to your scheduled weekend.

CLICK HERE for Registration Form


A Scout is Helpful: Eagle Scout Project Identified 


Thank you for your consideration. I am in dire need of a ramp so I can get in and out of my house; it is a mobile home. Both my hips and knees are forgone due to osteoarthritis. I was the final caregiver for my parents-they died a year ago-and I did not take care of myself in favor of taking care of them; so all of this care is up to me. I am single on a fixed income and on permanent disability. I know through my family's experience with the scouts that sometimes Eagle Scouts do projects involving helping elderly people such as building ramps; so I thought I would ask if you knew of anyone who could help me in the Southern California area. I live in Rancho Cucamonga and I am 65. Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Sue Avant



Spurs & Stars: Save The Date!




Announcing Dates For The 2018 Black Canyon Trek


The Aca Chapter of Cahuilla Lodge and Venturing Crew 76 are excited to announce the dates for the 2018 Black Canyon Trek. This is a canoe trip that is hosted by our crew and Chapter down one of the most scenic areas of the lower Colorado River. This trek is open to scouts over 14 years of age and venturing crews.

Black Canyon Trek will be held March 23-28, 2018. We will launch from the base of Hoover Dam and spend 5 days canoeing 50 miles down the Colorado River into Lake Mohave and end our trip at Cottonwood Cove, NV. Black Canyon is renowned for its sheer canyon walls that are hundreds of feet high, hikes in side canyons, natural hot springs, water falls, and rain caves. The wildlife that we are likely to encounter includes hawks, eagles, bighorn sheep, coyotes, ring tailed cats, and wild burros. Scouts that have attended past Back Canyon Treks have nicknamed this area a paddler's Disneyland.

There are 2 segments to this trek to accommodate scouts that maybe only able to go for the weekend. Prices for segment 1 from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach (Friday through Sunday) is $135 per person and limited to 12 people. Prices for segments 1 & 2 (combined) are $235 per person and limited to 12 people. Both prices include food, boats, life jackets, and paddles. A non-refundable deposit of $25 is needed by October 20, 2017, in order to secure your spot on the trek. The $25 is the cost of the launch permit from Hoover Dam and these must be purchased by late October. Launch permits from Hoover dam sell out quickly once they become available for a certain date because this trip is so popular.

Our guides and outfitters for this trip are two of the most experienced and knowledgeable scout leaders with the Colorado River in the SoCal scouting community, Paula Boothe and James Hermes. Together, they know all of the best hidden treasures to explore in Black Canyon. When we say explore, we mean it. This trip isn't about earning merit badges or earning patches. This trip trip is about exploring a new place and the adventure that comes with it.

If you have an explorer's taste for adventure, then plan on being a part of the 2018 Black Canyon Trek. For more information please visit http://acachapter.org/bct.



Cartoon Corner



Thoughts from the Scout Executive:



Positive Quote & Prayer

"Look wide, beyond your immediate surroundings and limits, and you see things in their right proportion. Look above the level of things around you and see a higher aim and possibility to your work."

~Robert Baden-Powell

 A Prayer of Thanks

Thank you, God, for the pleasures of summer,
the bright sunny days and perfect moonlit evenings,
the smells of mowed grass and air thick with rain.

Thank you for days at the lake
and evenings chasing fireflies,
for vacations and festivals,
picnics and cookouts,
baseball and concerts and swimsuits and popsicles.

Thank you for the fireworks of thunderstorms,
for watermelon sweetness,
for summer’s pace and summer’s grace, 
for all your beauty and power, faithfulness and fecundity 
displayed in summer,


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