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May 15th, 2017


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2017 College of Commissioner Science and Conference

38th Annual Scout Memorabilia Auction & Trade-O-Ree

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Work Weekend @ Boseker Scout Reservation

Inland Empire 66ers Vs. Modesto Nuts









Questions and Answers about Changes to the Young Men Program


Beginning in 2018, the Church will no longer participate in BSA Varsity and Venturing programs

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on May 11, 2017, announced significant changes to the activity program for young men ages 14–18. Listed below are several questions and responses media and others may have regarding this change. The change affects young men in the United States and Canada. Though the answers below are specific to the Boy Scouts of America, the same principles apply to our association with Scouts Canada. (See the First Presidency Letter announcing these changes.)

What exactly is changing?

  • Beginning January 1, 2018, young men from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will no longer participate in the Varsity and Venturing programs offered by the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Instead, Young Men activities will focus on spiritual, social, physical and intellectual goals outlined by the Church. These activities are designed to be fun and meaningful and provide opportunities for personal growth and development.

Why is this change occurring?

  • In most congregations in the United States and Canada, young men ages 14–18 are not being served well by the Varsity or Venturing programs, which have historically been difficult to implement within the Church. This change will allow youth and leaders to implement a simplified program that meets local needs while providing activities that balance spiritual, social, physical and intellectual development goals for young men.

Does this mean the Church is completely separating from the BSA?

  • The Church continues to look for ways to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual needs of young men around the world. The current decision is consistent with those efforts. The Church will continue to use the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs for boys and young men ages 8 through 13.

Previous statements have indicated that the Church wants a program that serves all young men around the world. Is this it?

  • No, this is not the global program, but an important step that addresses an immediate need. Varsity and Venturing programs have been difficult to run effectively on a local level. The Church continues to work toward developing a program for young men and young women globally.  

Why is the Church remaining with the Cub Scout and Boy Scout program?

  • These programs currently meet the development program needs of boys from ages 8 through 13.

Why is this change only for the United States and Canada?

  • Varsity and Venturing programs are used only in Church congregations in the United States and Canada.

What has been the reaction of the BSA leadership to this decision?

  • In every discussion with the Boy Scouts of America, they have expressed a shared desire to do what is best for young men. We are grateful for their continued support with this new change and look forward to continuing our strong relationship in the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs.

How does this impact the financial and property connections of the Church to the BSA?

  • Though important, financial and property obligations are not the primary concern. Instead, we are driven by our desire to serve the spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of young men.
  • Most of these legal associations are in connection with the Cub Scout and Boy Scout programs.
  • The Church will continue to make the same payment to the BSA for registration of its young men through 2018, so there should be a minimal financial impact to Scouting.

What is the schedule for this announcement and rollout?

  • The announcement was shared on May 11, 2017. However, the discontinuation of the Varsity and Venturing programs will not occur until January 1, 2018. We encourage local units to continue with their planned activities as they review and determine how they will implement the new activity guidelines.

Can young men in these age groups continue to earn the Eagle Scout award?

  • Yes. Young men who desire to continue toward the rank of Eagle will be registered, supported and encouraged. It is important to remember that only those young men who are properly registered are eligible to be awarded merit badges and rank advancements.

What would you say to Church members about participation in the Friends of Scouting fundraising drive?

  • The Church will continue to be involved in Friends of Scouting as part of its relationship with the BSA and the Scouting programs for boys and young men ages 8 through 13.

Is this due to changes in Scout policy in the past few years to allow gay and transgender Scouts and leaders?

  • The BSA has always allowed the Church to operate its programs in ways that are consistent with our standards and beliefs, and they have been very supportive. This change is to address the needs of young men ages 14 to 18. The Church is always evaluating what is best for our youth and families, and will continue to do so.
  • The activities referenced on lds.org/youth/activities and ymactivities.lds.org have been in place since 2013 as a resource for youth and their leaders around the world. When followed, these activities can provide better opportunities for spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual growth.

Is the guideline that Young Men aren’t required to meet weekly a new directive?

  • No. This guideline (for both Young Men and Young Women) has existed in the Church’s handbook for many years.

Will the disparity of funding and activities that exists between the Church’s Young Men and Young Women programs be addressed as part of this change?

  • Church leaders have long been aware of this concern. This new program brings the spending into balance for youth ages 14 through 18. This will continue to be a factor in the ongoing exploration and creation of a worldwide youth program.
  • In each congregation, the ward council is encouraged to consider equally the needs of Young Women and Young Men and their families when planning activities and determining budgets. 

Is this a reaction to the news that the Boy Scouts of America is considering the inclusion of girls and young women in its programs?

  • Church leaders learned just recently about the BSA’s intent to consider including girls and young women in Scouting. Our decision to end our participation in the Varsity and Venturing programs was made independent of this possibility and before that time. We anticipate our Cub Scout and Boy Scout units will continue as they are at present. For additional information go to: Aaronic Priesthood 14-18 Activities.







Memorials & Tributes


Your gift to the Memorial and Tribute Fund is a way for you to recognize a special occasion and/or person. It can be a job promotion, presentation of the Eagle Scout Award or the Adult Volunteer Leader Scouting Awards, a birthday or anniversary, a Bar Mitzvah or Confirmation, or to honor the memory of a friend or family member.

Upon receipt of your gift, you will receive an acknowledgement card for tax purposes. The person or family receives a card in your name from the California Inland Empire Council, BSA with no amount mentioned. In addition the memorial or tribute will appear as part of the Monday Memo on the council’s website.

To make a contribution to the California Inland Empire Council Memorial and Tribute Fund, fill out the gift form, and mail the form to California Inland Empire Council, BSA, PO BOX 8910, Redlands, CA 92375-2110. If you have any questions you may contact Joe Daniszewski, Scout Executive at 909-793-2463 ext. 120 or e-mail: joseph.daniszewski@scouting.orgClick Here for Tribute Form

In Memory of
Brenda Bean

Joseph and Leah Daniszewski


Inland Empire 66ers Vs. Modesto Nuts


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2017 Concerts Under The Stars


The Law offices of Herbert Hafif and the Hafif Family Foundation have graciously donated 40 tickets to their Summer 2017 Concerts Under the Stars.

Concerts Under the Stars is a community fund raising event and 100% of your ticket price is generously donated to our Council.

The concert takes place at the elegant estate of Herb & Kay Hafif in the foothills of LaVerne.  The estate is located at 4742 Live Oak Canyon Road.  https://goo.gl/maps/TJ5gyeMPQD32

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to support the California Inland Empire Council - Boy Scouts of America and have a great time with friends and family!

Tickets are $55 – 100% Tax Deductible

Gates open at 5:00 pm

Dinner served at 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm

Entertainment 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Saturday, June 24, 2017 - 8 Tickets available

Smooth Touch

One of the greatest live party bands in Southern California.  

Saturday, July 8, 2017 - 8 Tickets available


Nightshift combine the energy and experience of four talented performers... you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun on the dance floor! 

Saturday, July 22, 2017 - Last year we sold out for this great jazz band - Don't miss out!!!  12 Tickets available

J.Dee Bolden

Great Jazzy Tunes

All forms of payments accepted.

Don’t delay!! Please email me (or call) to purchase your tickets to these fun filled concerts.

A special “Thank You” to Herbert Hafif, The Hafif Family Foundation and to YOU for your support!

Soul Ruiz


38th Annual Scout Memorabilia Auction & Trade-O-Ree


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Philmont Opening # 1!

Troop 33 in Redlands has 2 open spots for Philmont Crew YOUTH positions:

When: July 15-22 (plus drive time). 

Cost: $522 Each

Contact: Matt Le Vesque, Scoutmaster @ 951-830-4918

Philmont Opening # 2!

We have a crew going on a 12 day trek to Philmont this summer. Care to join? There are 2 youth spots open!

Date: July 6-20th (Including travel time)

Cost: $900 each spot

Contact: Jeff Lambert

Philmont Opening # 3!

California Inland Empire Council has been authorized to send a council contingent to Philmont Scout Ranch for a 12-day backpacking trek through the New Mexico back country.   This life changing experience is open to Scouts and Scouters throughout the council.

Participants will backpack arrive at Philmont and begin their trek on June 24 and will begin the trip home on July 6, 2018. The cost will be approximately $1,000 per participant, plus travel costs to be determined. Optional fundraising opportunities will be available for those that would like to defray the cost.

To get ready for this adventure, participants will be expected to take part in wilderness first aid training, training hikes and backpacking outings.  

The contingent has 12 openings; 9 youth and 3 adults. Priority will be given to Scouts and Scouters that will be going to Philmont for the first time, and those from smaller units. More details will be coming as planning progresses.

Those interested in the CIEC Philmont 2018 trek should contact John Vineyard, Contingent Leader, at MRDChair@gmail.com.


Spring Recruit a Friend


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Work Weekend @ Boseker Scout Reservation


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Each Donation Makes A Difference


The Official Donation Program of the Boy Scouts of America

Inspire Excellence-Your donation gives America’s youth the opportunity to grow into future leaders.

Change Perspectives-Support our mission to help youth see their world in a whole new way.

Recognize Potential-Help a new generation of Scouts achieve goals they couldn’t accomplish alone.

Donate a vehicle/boat/trailer you name it! to your local BSA California Inland Empire Council, and the proceeds from its sale will support Scouts in our area!

You can go to our council website http://www.bsa-ciec.org/ and click on Donate Your Vehicle/Trailer/Boat 



Work Weekends @ Camp Helendade


Service to Camp Helendade is open to all Friends of Helendade, Scouts, Troops, Teams and Crews

There are many work projects that need to be done. Letters will be given to youth who need service hours for school, church, or rank advancement.

COME PREPARED TO WORK: Bring gloves and wear old clothes! Projects will vary based on weather and available resources. If you have a special skill or tool that would be helpful at camp, please let us know.

BRING your own Food and Water: All trash must be taken with you when you leave. A Porta-potty is on site.

2017 DATES to Register online: June 10th, July 8th, August 12th, September 9th, October 14th, November 11th, December 9th 

Please plan to arrive by 9:00 A.M. on Saturday.

CAMPING COST: $5 per person to camp ONLY (FREE if working on Saturday).


QUESTIONS? Contact Cynthia Blessum, Camping and Outdoor Program Chair, at blessumcr@pacbell.net or 714.612.1662

Work days may be canceled due to inclement weather – please call for status prior to your scheduled weekend.

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2017 College of Commissioner Science and Conference



California Inland Empire Council

2017 College of Commissioner Science and Conference

Saturday June 3, 2017.  8:00 PM to 4:00 PM

LDS Corona Stake Center-1510 Taber Street. Corona, CA. 

The Commissioner Corp of the California Inland Empire Council is pleased to announce our
2017 College of Commissioner Science and Conference. The College is comprised of training
courses meant to enhance the knowledge and capability of our Commissioners and to help them provide
excellence in Unit Service, which helps units deliver the Promise of Scouting to our youth.

Registration will be available in January 2017, so please keep an eye out. 
Space may be limited due to the popularity of our special guest.  



Join the Soaring Eagles!


By making a Friends of Scouting pledge of $1,500 or more, this Soaring Eagle shirt can be YOURS along with a campership
certificate! Show your support with our 2017 CIEC Soaring Eagle shirt. 

Join the 2017 Friends of Scouting Campaign now!



Swamp Swim!




Camp Use Update


Camp Wiley Week 1 Avail   Week  2 Avail   Week  3 Avail
Campsite Pack # Youth Adult   Pack # Youth Adult   Pack # Youth Adult  
Bridger (20) SU P903 5 5   3P P444 10 5   TM P134 8 7  
  MR P097* 1 1 8       5 SU P377* 3 2 0
Cahuilla Flats (40)* TM P214 17 17   TM P205 14 14   3P P374* 20 20  
        6 MR P176 1 1 10       0
Coil  (30) * TQ P346 8 7   SU P078* 15 15   SU P5205* 7 3  
        15       0 GB P226 10 10 0
Dan Boone  (20)         HD P026 6 5   SU P377* 14 6  
        20       9       0
Fremont  (20)         MR P116 5 5   SU P377* 10 10  
        20       10       0
Goldware (14) * MR P703 1 1   GB P16* 2 2   SU P377* 3 2  
  HD P067* 3 3 6 AH P247* 5 5 0 SU P5205* 3 3 0
                  HD P0067* 2 1  
Harris (30) * TQ P0384 9 8   AH P247* 12 12   TQ P614 15 15  
        13 GB P0322 2 2 2       0
Hays (20)         TQ P301 8 8   3P P374* 10 8  
        20       4       2
Lewis & Clark (10) TQ P329 2 1           SU P377* 5 5  
        7       10       0
Mellor (40) * TQ P332 12 12   HD P257 10 10   TQ P148 4 4  
        16 MR P222* 10 5 5 HD P0067* 2 2 19
                  TM P2399 2 1  
                  MR P222* 1 1  
                  HD P152* 2 2  
Swartzel (20) * 3P P2228 6 6   SU P078* 5 5   HD P152* 8 9  
  TM P041 1 1 6 MR P097* 2 2 0       3
          GB P16* 1 1          
          TM P803 1 1          
          MR P1230 1 1          
Capacity 140/ wk Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult  
  10 65 62   14 110 99   10 129 111  
  Units Youth Adult                  
GRAND TOTAL  34 304 272                  


Camp Emerson Week 1  July 10-15 Avail Week 2 July 16-22 Avail Week #3 July 24-29 Avail
Campsite Tr # Youth Adult   Tr # Youth Adult   Tr # Youth Adult  
Big Oak (50) TQ Tr0833 17 3 22       50       50
  TM Tr0733 6 2                  
Bridger (20) OB Tr0641 8 2   5N Tr0100 3 2          
  OB Tr0076* 8 2 0       15       20
Cahuilla Flats (40)* OB Tr0618 10 2   GB Tr0011 30 10   MR Tr0806 11 2  
  SU Tr0105 8 2 0       0 MR Tr0106 11 2 14
  3P Tr2228 8 3                  
  TQ Tr0424 5 2                  
Coil  (30) * OB Tr2000 25 5   OB Tr0311 5 2   OOC Tr0408 3 2  
        0 LV Tr 0069 8 2 5 OB Tr677 5 2 18
          HD Tr0565 5 3          
Dan Boone  (20) GB Tr0117 14 2   GB Tr0014 10 2          
        4       8       20
Eagle's Nest (20) AH Tr510* 7 2                  
  MR Tr706 9 2 0       20       20
Firestone  (20) TQ 0910 6 2                  
  TQ Tr824 4 2 6       20       20
Fremont  (20) AH Tr0001 7 2   3P Tr0374 16 5   OOC Tr634 9 2  
  AH Tr0010 6 2 3       -1       9
Goldware (14) * MR Tr0090 9 2 3 GB Tr0044 5 2 7 GB Tr0231 6 2 6
Harris (30) * OOC 0295 8 4   OOC Tr1103 20 3   HD Tr0365 5 2  
  GB T0335 9 3 0 HD Tr157 5 2 0 AH Tr0247 10 3 10
  OOC Tr0288 4 2                  
Hayes (20) HD Tr0765 10 2   HDTr559 5 2   MRTr606 9 3  
  OOC Tr0390 5 2 1       13       8
Lewis & Clark (10) OB Tr0076* 8 2   AH Tr0510* 1 1          
        0       8       10
Mellor (40) * TQ Tr0911 6 2   HD Tr0574 10 4   OB Tr0348 11 3  
  HD Tr0159 6 2 3 MR Tr0002 12 2 12 HD Tr0053 6 2 11
  GB Tr29/422 10 2           HD Tr0456 5 2  
  GB Tr0027 7 2                  
Owls Roost (20) GB Tr0017 3 2   TQTr332 1     GB Tr 0003 3    
Provisional Scouts       15       19 GB Tr0226 1   1
                  AH Tr515 8 1  
                  5N Tr895 3 1  
                  HD Tr357 1 1  
Swartzel (20) * SU Tr0180 10 2   MR Tr0129 3 2   OOC Tr0219 6 3  
  AH Tr0512 6 2 0       15       11
Broken Arrow (40) SU Tr0368 15 5                  
  SU Tr0268 10 2 2       40       40
  SU Tr0267 4 2                  
Capacity 255/ wk Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult  
  32 278 77   15 139 44   18 113 33  
  Unit Youth Adults                  
GRAND TOTAL  65 530 154                  


Cartoon Corner



Thoughts from the Scout Executive:



Positive Prayer & Quote

Peace Within

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you
May you be confident knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.
- attributed to St. Thérèse of Lisieux and St. Theresa of Avila

"We never fail when we try to do our duty, we always fail when we neglect to do it."

~Robert Baden-Powell


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