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April 17th, 2017


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Report To The State

2017 Tahquitz Camp-arr-ee






Easter Sunrise Service @ Mt. Rubidoux Celebrates Scouts' 100 Years of Participating


Pastor Derrick Anderson of 2nd Chance Ministries Church in Riverside delivers his sermon as the sun rises during an Easter service on Mount Rubidoux in Riverside on Sunday, April 16, 2017. (Photo by Terry Pierson, The Press-Enterprise/SCNG)

Hundreds of the faithful made the mile-long trek up Riverside’s Mount Rubidoux in the dark Easter Sunday morning to attend a sunrise service under the peak’s towering white cross.

The tradition dates to 1909, while Sunday marked the 100th year that local Boy Scout chapters have participated, spending the night camping at the mountain’s foot.

Along the paths, Scouts stationed themselves at crosses they had erected and read Scriptures.

The seven “I am” statements ascribed to Jesus that were read by the Scouts formed the theme of the service.

Pastor Brian Park led an opening prayer, then seven ministers delivered sermons on each statement, interspersed with live music by Antioch Church’s Worship Team.

Peggy Sue Paxton, 63, of Riverside said she’s been attending the annual service since she was 5.

“I come up the mountain every year,” she said. “Now, I’m teaching it to my grandchildren.”

She said her father started the tradition.

“It’s just a good way of bringing in Easter,” she said. “It’s the most important day in a Christian’s life.”

In contrast to Paxton, Steve Dickerson, 64, of Corona, said, “This is my first time, but I plan to make this a pilgrimage every year.”

A Scoutmaster, Dickerson brought Troop 54 on Saturday to participate with about 200 Scouts. They readied trails, painted over graffiti and put up the crosses.

“It’s pretty awesome,” Dickerson said. “It’s just a beautiful day for it. Coming up that hill brings you closer to God. It’s just very spiritual.”

A Boy Scout chapter advisor, Michael Hare, 53, of Riverside organizes the participation of the Scouts, including Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts.

“We as Scouts have been lighting the trail for 100 years,” Hare said. “Some people said we were doing it earlier, but the records we found from the troops that still have records show 1917.”

Riverside Scout Christopher Carnell, 13, said his participation should earn some merit badges.

“I’m getting a few patches,” he said.





The CIEC Redlands Scout Shop will be holding an all-day 2017 Jamboree Uniform Day, just for you. Come on in, Saturday, April 29th. We will keep the store open an extra two hours from 9am to 5:30 pm. There will be the Jamboree packing checklist available to you at the door and sewing will be available. Make this day the day to get everything “Jambo”. We will also have light refreshments to enjoy.

April 29th will be our 2017 Jamboree Uniform Day at the CIEC Scout Shop in Redlands. The Scout Shop will be open from 9:00am-5:30pm. Save time with a uniform shirt with pre-sewn patches!

Shopping List for Jamboree Equipment

We want to help you be ready for National Jamboree 2017. Most of your list items you can purchase from us. Some will need to be ordered, please plan ahead. We have lots of stock to serve your needs. Email your order to us and we will call when it's ready. Redlandsscoutshop@scouting.org (909) 307-3950


Report To The State


Life Scout Milton Hankins joined Scouts, Explorers and Venturers from across California in delivering a Report to the State on April 5, 2017.

Milton met with officials from the Office of Emergency Services, toured the operations center, and spent time understanding how Scouting benefits California in the wake of natural disasters and homeland security situations.

He also toured the Capital, met with the Adjutant General of the California National Guard, sat on the Assembly floor, and enjoyed meetings with the chairman of the rules committee, the Speaker of the Assembly and culminated the day with the presentation of California's 2.2 million service hours from Scouting to Governor Jerry Brown.





Several updates and information

  • By Popular demand, a Jamboree Parents Meeting (optional), will be held at the Jamboree Shakedown at 11:00 AM  to 12:00 PM on Saturday, April 22nd.  We will answer questions, provide some updates on the Tour Time and Jamboree – AGAIN THIS IS OPTIONAL, and any information provided will be distributed in the May Jamboree Newsletter.
  • PLEASE! PLEASE!  PLEASE! – Send a copy of your Scouts Medical Forms with him to the Shakedown – we will scan them at a later time and include them in our Leader Tour Packages, we need these medical forms for the TOUR period of our Trip  - if you have not yet completed your medical, we will follow-up with you for a copy.
  • Please have your Scouts Bring a Camp Chair to the Shakedown.
  • We will distribute Hydration Packs, Troop Number Patches, Unit Leadership Patches and Official 2017 National Scout Jamboree Chest Patches, and if I get ambitious this week – Luggage Tags at the Shakedown
  • I have attached an updated 2017 Jamboree – CIEC GEAR Order Form – New Artwork and added Medium Size to the T-Shirt Sizes availableDeadline to Order April 21st – no Extensions – we must turn in our order.
  • If you signed up for River RaftingBE SURE TO BRING YOUR COMPLETED FORM TO THE SHAKEDOWN – (Form Attached)
  • Please car pool – where possible!

Jamboree Shakedown Weekend – April 22nd and 23rd

The Troops and Crew attending the 2017 National Scout MUST attend the Jamboree Shakedown Weekend! 

  • Palm Valley School, 35-525 Da Vall Drive, Rancho Mirage CA
  • April 22-23rd
  • Arrive by 10:00 AM, Saturday, April 22nd
  • Traditional Troop and Crew Depart 12:00 Noon, Sunday, April 23rd
  • LDS Troop Departs 7:00 PM Saturday, April 22nd
  • Tent – Share two-man tent
  • Bring a Camp Chair
  • Pack for Overnight – Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad, Flashlight, warm and cool weather clothing, Scout hat and Uniform.
  • Bring your own mess-kit, cup and eating utensils
  • Bring a warm jacket
  • Three Meals – Sat. Lunch, Sat. Dinner, Sunday Breakfast – only.
  • Bring snacks if you like
  • Parents Welcome to stay or return for 2:00-4:00 PM Saturday Jamboree Scouts Meeting
  • Parents will not permitted in the Campsite – We need the Scouts focused, showing team effort and getting to know each other and preparing for Jamboree.
  • Questions?  Contact your Scoutmaster or Crew Advisor or Mr. Camerota 



Happy Easter


APPLE VALLEY, Calif. (VVNG.com) A mother was brought to tears after a young boy’s random act of kindness sparked a chain reaction.

Meler-Lesnikowski Ejtneirt and her son with special needs, Angel, age 12, participated in the Sharon Frazier Annual Easter Egg Hunt Hosted by the Apple Valley Optimist Club at the James Woody park.

Ejtneirt says she was brought to tears when a young boy picked up an egg and placed it in her son’s basket.

“This little boy just saw another kid struggling and reached out to help without a second thought,” Ejtneirt said.

The small gesture shown by the boy began a ripple effect that proves kindness is contagious.

“Other kids then began putting eggs in his bag, I’ve never experienced such kindness and love from other kids,” Angel’s mother said.

Ejtneirt said her son, who has been on home hospital for most of the year because of health issues, was ecstatic when he saw how many eggs he had.

“It was so nice because a lot of times kids find his wheelchair intimidating, but this boy showed us all how it should be each and every day. It shouldn’t matter if you’re differently abled, can’t talk, can’t walk, purple, green, white or blue. We are all going through our own obstacles every day,” she said.

Ejtneirt was so grateful for the boy and other children who showed extreme kindness towards her son.

“I have no idea who his parents are (there was so much going on and it happened so unexpectedly), but I am sure I don’t need to tell you how proud to be of the young man you are raising. Please hug him for us,” she wrote in a post in the Victor Valley News group.

One thing she hopes people take away from this is that it’s ok for other children to go up to those with special needs and talk to them.

Small things like that make a world of a difference in people’s lives.

On Saturday, our pack attended an Easter egg hunt, Eggstravaganza, that was coordinated and carried out for the community by our charter organization, the Apple Valley Optimist Club. 

During the egg hunt, scout Nehemiah Powell, went to help another local child in a wheelchair trying to reach for eggs.  Nehemiah placed an egg in his basket so he would have more, the gesture was caught on camera.  This gesture prompted other kids to do the same, leaving the boy in the wheelchair happy and excited to have so many eggs.

The parent of the child in the wheelchair was so overwhelmed by Nehemiah's kindness that she wrote a post on Facebook in a news group describing the emotions she and her child felt from a random act of kindness from another special needs child. 

Today we went to the Easter egg hunt in Apple Valley. We have been to different ones over the years. But NEVER have I experienced such kindness and love from other kids. My son is always happy with the few eggs he collects on his own. Other kids always move much faster and have an easier time getting the eggs than my son. But he knows its for fun and is always very happy with whatever he gets. Today at the time of the Special Needs egg hunt, this young man started a chain of events that left me in tears. He picked up an egg and put it in my sons bag. Afterwards, there were a few other kids who came and did the same. I have no idea who his parents are (there was so much going on and it happened so unexpectedly), but I am sure I don't need to tell you how proud to be of the young man you are raising. Please hug him for us. Thank you to all of the kids who were amazing, giving, loving children. Happy Easter


2017 Tahquitz Camp-arr-ee


We set sail to the 7 C's; Camping, Cooking, Competitions, Cracker Barrel, Call-Out, Campfire and Camaraderie on Apr 7-9 while the spirits of pirates past watched with great intrigue from the Treasure Island Compass Course.  Our OA Crew witnessed just over 390 scouts and scouters enjoy the weekend with great spirit and enthusiasm.  Campsites were adorned with Pirate themes, Jolly Rodgers and the various rigging.  Adorned in pirate regalia, scouts and scouters alike bounded through camp on a marvelous journey.  These adventurers participated in such things as “Keep those Pie-Rats Off My Ship” (archery), to “Pirate Boot Camp” (obstacle course), then off to defeating the fierce “Kraken” with spears & atlatls, boarding a 40 foot pirate ship, hoisting the mast and main sail, pulling the treasure out of the quick sand pit, sparking off cannons, and finally team work pays off as they get the key ring from the jail dog to open their cell.  SPL’s and Scout Masters ate their way through the pie eating contest, followed by a game of Capture the Flag between the troops.  Right after that there was a cooking contest, and a costume contest.  Following the evening awards campfire on Saturday, in the gray glow of an almost full moon, the OA called-out 106 scouts and 11 scouters as Ordeal candidates.

Sunday morning was blessed to have chaplains from each troop put on a great scouts-own service. 

Great job Tahquitz OA Chapter Youth and Adults for running another successful Camporee. And special thanks to all those adults from the various troops who pitched in to assist the scouts with running their stations.

Least not forget the cooking staff, for without them there would have not been the swill and grog we love so much aboard the ship (just kidding, it was really great eats. We’re looking forward to your cooking at Fall Wood Badge).



Volunteer Opportunity


I am from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and we are having our Walk MS event next Saturday, April 22.  We are still in desperate need of volunteers and wanted to extend the opportunity to the Boy Scouts.  We would love to have some members volunteer with us! It will be at Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park and last through the morning until early afternoon but different positions and shifts are available.  It's a fun event that raises awareness and support for the MS community and we need volunteers to make this event successful! Please reach out to me for more information.  I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Kyle Jane Heskett-National Multiple Sclerosis Society



Camp Use


Camp Wiley Week 1 Avail   Week  2 Avail   Week  3 Avail
Campsite Pack # Youth Adult   Pack # Youth Adult   Pack # Youth Adult  
Bridger (20) SU P903 6 6   3P P444 10 6   TM P134 8 7  
  MR P097 1 1 6       4 SU P377* 3 2 0
Cahuilla Flats (40)* TM P214 16 16   TM P205 20 20   3P P374* 20 20  
        8       0       0
Coil  (30) * TQ P346 15 15           SU P5205* 7 3  
        0       30 GB P226 10 10 0
Dan Boone  (20)         HD P026 6 5   SU P377* 14 6  
        20       9       0
Fremont  (20)                 SU P377* 10 10  
        20       20       0
Goldware (14) * MR P703 1 1   GB P16 2 2   SU P377* 3 2  
        12 AH P247* 4 5 1 SU P5205* 3 3 0
                  HD P0067* 2 1  
Harris (30) * TQ P0384 10 8   AH P247* 13 13   TQ P614 15 15  
        12 GB P0322 2 2 0       0
Hays (20)                 3P P374* 10 10  
        20       20       0
Lewis & Clark (10)                 SU P377* 5 5  
        10       10       0
Mellor (40) * TQ P332 16 16   HD P257 11 11   TQ P148 7 7  
        8 MR P222 11 6 1 HD P0067* 2 2 22
Swartzel (20) * 3P P2228 7 7           HD P152 8 11  
        6       20       1
Capacity 140/ wk Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult  
  8 72 70   8 79 70   9 127 114  
  Units Youth Adult                  
GRAND TOTAL  25 278 254                  


Camp Emerson Week 1  July 10-15 Avail Week 2 July 16-22 Avail Week #3 July 24-29 Avail
Campsite Tr # Youth Adult   Tr # Youth Adult   Tr # Youth Adult  
Big Oak (50)       50       50       50
Bridger (20) OB Tr0641 8 2   5N Tr0100 3 2          
  OB Tr0076* 8 2 0       15       20
Cahuilla Flats (40)* OB Tr0618 10 2   GB Tr0011 30 10   MR Tr0806 14 2  
  SU Tr0105 7 2 1       0 MR Tr0106 18 4 2
  3P Tr2228 8 3                  
  TQ Tr0424 5 2                  
Coil  (30) * OB Tr2000 25 5   OB Tr0311 5 2   OOC Tr0408 3 2  
        0 LV Tr 0069 8 2 5       25
          HD Tr0565 5 3          
Dan Boone  (20) GB Tr0117 14 2   GB Tr0014 9 2          
        4       9       20
Firestone  (20) TQ Tr0833 7 2                  
  TQ 0910 7 2 2       20       20
Fremont  (20) AH Tr0001 8 2   3P Tr0374 15 3   OOC Tr634 13 3  
  AH Tr0010 6 2 2       2       4
Goldware (14) * MR Tr0090 9 2 3 GB Tr0044 10 4 0 GB Tr0231 6 2 6
Harris (30) * OOC 0295 8 4   OOC Tr1103 10 2   HD Tr0365 10 2  
  GB T0335 9 3 0       18 AH Tr0247 10 3 5
  OOC Tr0288 4 2                  
Hayes (20) HD Tr0765 10 2           MRTr606 8 2  
  OOC Tr0390 5 2 1       20       10
Lewis & Clark (10) OB Tr0076* 8 2   AH Tr0510 1 1          
        0       8       10
Mellor (40) * TQ Tr0911 6 2   HD Tr0574 11 4   OB Tr0348 8 2  
  HD Tr0159 6 2 4 MR Tr0002 20 5 0 HD Tr0053 5 2 9
  GB Tr29/422 10 2           TM Tr0733 5 2  
  GB Tr0027 6 2           HD Tr0456 5 2  
Owls Roost (20)                 GB Tr 0003 3    
Provisional Scouts       20       20 GB Tr0226 1   16
Swartzel (20) * SU Tr0180 10 2   MR Tr0129 3 2   OOC Tr0219 10 3  
  AH Tr0512 6 2 0       15       7
Broken Arrow (40) SU Tr0368 15 5                  
  SU Tr0268 10 2 2       40       40
  SU Tr0267 4 2                  
Capacity 255/ wk Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult  
  27 239 66   13 130 42   15 119 31  
  Unit Youth Adults                  
GRAND TOTAL  55 488 139                  


Cartoon Corner



Thoughts from the Scout Executive:



Positive Poem & Quote

Snow Melt

Ripples Churn
Ripples Dance

Through the Fern
Through the Ponderosa
Though the Fur

Rippling down to the Brook
To the Stream
To the Roar
Of a Bigger Noise 

~Tim Rosseisen

"The Scoutmaster guides the boy in the spirit of an older brother...He has simply to be a boy-man, that is: (1) He must have the boy in spirit with him: and must be able to place himself in the right plane with his boys as a first step.(2) He must realize the needs, outlooks and desires of the different ages of boy life. (3) He must deal with the individual boy rather than with the mass. (4) He then needs to promote a corporate spirit among his individuals to gain the best results."

~Robert Baden-Powell


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