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February 13th, 2017

We will be closed on Monday, February 20th in observance of the President's Day Holiday 


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Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner

University of Scouting

Winter Camp

Open Position @ Jack Dembo Scout Service Center











Foxfire is our council’s top level Youth Training that expands on the lessons taught at National Youth Leadership Training, or NYLT. Reminder that participation is limited to the first 42 participants that have completed NYLT!

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Moonlight Hike in Painted Canyon


Aca Chapter of Cahuilla Lodge hosted their annual moonlight hike in Painted Canyon on the night of Feb. 11-12. Also known as Ladder Canyon, there are ladders that have been placed in a few slot canyons that hikers use to climb up sheer drops of various heights. The shortest ladder is 8 feet and the tallest is 26 feet. The canyon itself is comprised of ancient compressed mud and bedrock that has been up upthrust from seismic activity. Hiking this trail at night has been described as walking along the surface of an alien planet in a scary scifi movie. Six scouts and scouters met at 10PM on a Saturday night in Coachella to begin the 30 minute drive to the trailhead. By 11PM they were out hiking in a sandy wash at the bottom of a 150 foot canyon deep in the Mecca Hills. By the time they were deep in a slot canyon the full moon was shining directly overhead. When anyone glanced up at the sliver of visible sky they saw thick grey clouds being illuminated by the adjacent moon. Nights like this is exactly why this hike is held during a full moon. It. Was. Gorgeous! They hiked through a few more slot canyons, climbed a few more sets of ladders, and by 2AM were starting to get a bit worn down from the adventurous night. By 3:30AM everyone were back in the vehicles and driving home from a night of eerie enchantment. Special thanks to Curtis Stiede, James Hermes, and Kenneth Charles for running this hike.


Open Position @ Jack Dembo Scout Service Center


We are looking for a bright, cheerful, friendly, customer service oriented Volunteer Services Clerk.  Must be proficient in microsoft office, especially excel, and have good knowledge of the Scouting program. Bilingual a plus.

Please email resumes to Michelle Brown-Office Manager


Winter Camp


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Primitive Camping


Service to Camp Helendade is open to all Friends of Helendade, Scouts, Troops, Teams and Crews

There are many work projects that need to be done. Letters will be given to youth who need service hours for school, church, or rank advancement.

COME PREPARED TO WORK: Bring gloves and wear old clothes! Projects will vary based on weather and available resources. If you have a special skill or tool that would be helpful at camp, please let us know.

BRING your own Food and Water: All trash must be taken with you when you leave. A Porta-potty is on site.

2017 DATES:  Mar. 11, Apr. 8, May 13, Jun. 10, Jul. 8, Aug. 12, Sep. 9, Oct. 14, Nov. 11, Dec. 9

Please plan to arrive by 9:00 A.M. on Saturday.

CAMPING COST: $5 per person to camp ONLY (FREE if working on Saturday).


QUESTIONS? Contact Cynthia Blessum, Camping and Outdoor Program Chair, at blessumcr@pacbell.net or 714.612.1662

Work days may be canceled due to inclement weather – please call for status prior to your scheduled weekend.

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Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner


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Merit Badge Program


Snow Valley Mountain Resort is proud to offer the “Winter Merit Badge” program. The Merit Package includes Safety Information, full-access lift ticket, rental equipment (ski or snowboard), and a 1 1/2 hour group lesson. Midweek rates are $49 and Weekend, Peak Weekend & Holiday rates are $69.

We believe this program is the best way to introduce Scouts to the fun of Winter Sports, not just to earn their Merit Badge*, but also to increase their awareness and appreciation of the local mountain environment. (*Earning a Merit Badge is not guaranteed. Subject to meeting Scout Merit Badge requirements.)

This program is offered to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts only. It is our goal to ensure as many children as possible are introduced to the sport of skiing or snowboarding. Scouts who are at the next level or have earned their Winter Merit Badge may still sign up for the Merit Package and take a lesson to improve their skills. Please let us know the type of lesson for each member of your group.

The prices noted on this sheet are available to scouts only. A minimum group size of 10 is required to qualify for the Winter Merit Badge Program. For every 10 paid Scout lift tickets, we will offer one (1) free Adult Leader or Chaperone lift ticket (rentals/lessons not included). Our Group Sales rates are available for family/friends joining your Scout group. Please note that Snow Valley expects Troop Leaders to provide Scouts with Snow Sports Merit Badge requirements and information prior to the Troop’s visit to Snow Valley. All participants should have a blue card as Snow Valley does not supply them and cards will only be signed for those meeting the requirements of the program per the details set forth by the Boy Scouts of America.

Snow Valley is also offering an 8am lesson specifically for Scouts on select weekends and holidays. Book early for the best choice of lesson times and dates as space is limited. Ask Kay for details.

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Friends of Scouting


“Friends of Scouting” is the California Inland Empire Council's major fundraiser of the year.  The money raised from this campaign helps create new Cub Scout Packs and Boy Scout Troops, recruits new membership, and maintains the council's two camps.  It provides leadership training for adult volunteers and scouting youth, pays for chartered organization's insurance, provides professional personnel for district support, and maintains the Youth Leader Training Center in Riverside.

The California Inland Empire Council needs our help to fulfill their promise to the children of our community. There are many ways to contribute, from $15 a month for a year, to quarterly payments, or paying the total by check, cash, or credit card.  Those families that give at the $162 level, or greater, will receive a commemorative patch in appreciation of their support. Of course, if you are unable to contribute at the $162 level or higher, any contribution makes a difference and is deeply appreciated.  It is more important that everyone give something as a show of support for scouting.  Invest in the youth of the California Inland Empire Council, Boy Scouts of America by contributing to the 2017 “Friends of Scouting” campaign.

2017 FOS Campaign


University of Scouting


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Amazon Smile


You can now support the California Inland Empire Council simply by buying things from Amazon.com. It's very simple. All you need to do is click the image above or the link below when you do your shopping. 

Support the California Inland Empire Council by Shopping on Amazon Smile

That's all there is to it. Please bookmark this page so you can return to it when you're ready to do more shopping. As long as you get to Amazon.com through these links the California Inland Empire Council will recieve a portion of what you buy.



Save the Date~9th Annual Golf Classic




Camp Use


Camp Emerson Week 1  July 10-15 Avail Week 2 July 16-22 Avail Week #3 July 24-30 Avail
Campsite Tr # Youth Adult   Tr # Youth Adult   Tr # Youth Adult  
Big Oak (50)       50       50       50
Bridger (20) OB Tr0641 8 2   5N Tr0100 2 2          
        10       16       20
Cahuilla Flats (40)* OB Tr0618 10 2   GB Tr0011 30 10   MR Tr0806 14 2  
  SU Tr0105 7 2 19       0 MR Tr0106 12 2 10
Coil  (30) * OB Tr2000 25 5   OB Tr0311 5 2   OOC Tr0408 3 2  
        0 LV Tr 0069 8 2 13       25
Dan Boone  (20) GB Tr0117 14 2   GB Tr0014 8 2          
        4       10       20
Firestone  (20) TQ Tr0833 7 2                  
        11       20       20
Freemont  (20)         3P Tr0374 15 3          
        20       2       20
Goldware (14) * MR Tr0090 6 2 6 GB Tr0044 10 4 0 GB Tr0231 6 2 6
Harris (30) * TQ 0910 5 2   OOC Tr1103 10 2          
  OOC 0295 8 3 12       18       30
Hayes (20) HD Tr0765 10 2                  
        8       20       20
Lewis & Clark (10)         AH Tr0510 1 1          
        10       8       10
Mellor (40) * TQ Tr0911 8 3   HD Tr0574 11 4   OB Tr0348 8 2  
  HD Tr0159 6 2 2 MR Tr0002 20 5 0 HD Tr0053 4 2 17
  GB Tr29/422 10 2           TM Tr0733 5 2  
  TM Tr0733 5 2                  
Owls Roost (20)                        
        20       20       20
Swartzel (20) SU Tr0180 10 2           OOC Tr0219 10 2  
        8       20       8
Provisional                 GB Tr 0003 3    
Capacity 255/ wk Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult  
  15 139 35   11 120 37   9 65 16  
  Unit Youth Adults                  
GRAND TOTAL  35 324 88                  


Camp Wiley Week 1 Avail   Week  2 Avail   Week  3 Avail
Campsite Pack # Youth Adult   Pack # Youth Adult   Pack # Youth Adult  
Bridger (20)                 TM P134 8 7  
        20       20 SU P377* 3 2 0
Cahuilla Flats (40)*         TM P205 20 20   3P P374* 20 20  
        40       0       0
Coil  (30) * TQ P346 15 15   TM P214* 15 15   SU P205 7 3  
        0       0       20
Dan Boone  (20)                 SU P377* 14 6  
        20       20       0
Fremont  (20)                 SU P377* 10 10  
        20       20       0
Goldware (14) * MR P703 1 1 12 GB P16 2 2 10 SU P377 3 2 9
Harris (30) * TQ P0384 10 8   AH P247 13 13   TQ P614 15 15  
        12       4       0
Hays (20)         MR P222 4 4   3P P374* 10 10  
        20       12       0
Lewis & Clark (10)                 SU P377* 5 5  
        10       10       0
Mellor (40) * TQ P332 16 16   HD P257 11 11   TQ P148 18 18  
        8       18       4
Swartzel (20)         TM P214* 10 10   HD P152 5 7  
        20       0       8
Capacity 140/ wk Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult   Units Youth Adult  
  4 42 40   6 75 75   7 118 105  
  Units Youth Adult                  
GRAND TOTAL  17 235 220                  


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Thoughts from the Scout Executive:



Positive Prayer and Quote

"Be Prepared...the meaning of the motto is that a scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise." 

Robert Baden-Powell


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