Mt. Rubidoux District

California Inland Empire Council

Mt. Rubidoux District Serves the Communities of Riverside, Jurupa, Pedley and Rubidoux

Eagle Project Reviews

Schedule your Eagle Project review by sending a request to (Mr. Michael McVeigh) at

Eagle Board of Reviews - By Appointment

All scheduling of meetings with the board MUST be done through contacting the scheduler (Mr. Michael McVeigh) at   Please provide in your email the following information.

Full name of the Boy Scout

Troop number

Date of Birth

Contact information – Address, Phone Number & email if possible

Name and contact information of your Scoutmaster & Eagle mentor.

Once an email is received you will be contacted to confirm that you have all required items ready. You should be responding back too within 48 hours. Times may vary due to campouts I may be attending especially over long holiday weekends with no phone service (i.e. Death Valley, etc.). We will then schedule an appointment with the committee. Please allow sufficient time for this process to take place.

Adult Advancement - Knots

There are awards that adults can be working towards. There are a couple of sites that have good information on the knots available here and here